What is STAR

What STAR is

Healionics’ proprietary STAR® (Sphere Templated Angiogenic Regeneration) biomaterial scaffold is a breakthrough in biointegration and tissue regeneration. It is the result of a sustained effort to discover the “sweet spot” – the exact pore size and structure that enables angiogenesis and healing while reducing Foreign Body Response and imparting high resistance to infection.

In contrast to many porous biomaterials that are “found” materials originally designed for other uses, STAR has been specifically engineered to enhance biointegration and promote healing.

STAR scaffolds can be produced using a variety of medical grade substrates – from non-degradable to fully biodegradable – to meet the needs of a specific device or application. For instance, substrates as diverse as silicone rubber and hyaluronic acid can be used to support a wide range of applications.

What STAR is NOT

It is often helpful to distinguish STAR from other biomaterials by describing what it is not.

  • STAR is neither a coating nor a nano-technology; it is a 3D scaffold that is fabricated with a thickness of 150 microns or more to support angiogenesis.
  • STAR is not made from bovine, porcine, or human tissue or organs like many biomaterial scaffold solutions. STAR is made from well-established synthetic biomaterial substrates – such as silicone rubber or hyaluronic acid – that are already widely used in on-market implanted devices.
  • STAR does not contain or require any Growth Factors or other biologics. The key to STAR’s healing performance is its precise pore structure. Through our proprietary sphere templating process, each pore and interconnecting throat is of a uniform dimension throughout the scaffold.

In comparison with other biomaterials on the market, STAR offers a compelling combination of biointegration and versatility. To learn more about what makes STAR unique, view the Benefits page, or contact Healionics today.