STAR Benefits

Many of the materials used in long-term, percutaneous and implanted medical devices today were initially developed for other purposes. In contrast, STAR® biomaterial was specifically conceived and developed to improve healing.  With its proprietary pore geometry, STAR offers several distinct advantages in biocompatibility:

  • Improved Biointegration
  • Reduced Foreign Body Response (FBR) and avoidance of fibrotic encapsulation
  • Long-term infection resistance without added drugs or biologics (leverages the body’s natural immune system)
  • Increased Angiogenesis
  • Tissue Regeneration with Reduced Scarring

STAR® technology’s exceptional versatility enables it to be developed and fine-tuned to fit specific product or application requirements. STAR solutions offer three key types of adaptability:

  • Substrate independence
  • Tunable pore geometry
  • Custom shapes and sizes

For more information on the customizations of STAR biomaterial, see our Capabilities page, or contact Healionics.