One of the advantages of STAR® biomaterial is its versatility. The combination of STAR’s base material, shape and pore geometry allows us to custom fabricate 3D scaffolds to suit a wide array of specific medical devices and applications.

Properties are independent of substrate material
STAR technology’s unique biointegration properties are derived from its proprietary sphere templated pore geometry, not the base material (substrate) itself.  STAR scaffolds have been produced from a variety of medical grade substrates that range from non-degradable to fully biodegradable.

Synthetic substrates include silicone, polyHEMA and hyaluronic acid.

Tunable Pore Sizes
We work to determine the pore geometry that will best satisfy specific biointegration needs. STAR scaffolds can be fabricated with a consistent, precise, “sweet spot” pore size that gives STAR material its unique attributes.

Custom Shapes and Sizes
The versatility of the STAR processing technology allows us to create various types of STAR scaffolds needed to achieve the biointegration requirements of a specific device or application.

STAR scaffold geometries can include, but are not limited to, granules, sheets, tubes (with single or multiple layers).

Our onsite laboratory and cleanroom production facilities enable us to efficiently design and fabricate STAR biomaterial scaffolds customized in terms of substrate material, porosity and scaffold geometry to achieve optimal biointegration for any given implanted device or application.