Healionics is commercializing a synthetic vascular graft (STARgraft) designed to offer superior infection resistance and patency (ability to maintain blood flow), based on our platform STAR biomaterial technology.  The graft will initially address the urgent need for improved vascular access for hemodialysis patients, with subsequent applications to peripheral artery disease, vascular trauma, and potentially coronary artery bypass. We are also developing an infection-resistant coating for dialysis catheters, and a device that could eventually enable needle-free hemodialysis (STARport).


All implanted devices – including prosthetics, ophthalmic, surgical products, sensors, therapeutics delivery, stimulators, vascular, catheters and other percutaneous devices – share two common problems:

  • Infection is common, hard to control, and expensive to treat.
  • The body reacts to the implant and scars the surrounding tissue, causing medical issues, damaging the device and/or degrading its function.

In a variety of implantable applications, STAR material has demonstrated its ability to impart high resistance to infection and scarring / fibrous encapsulation, and strong promotion of angiogenesis – thereby improving overall biointegration with host tissue.