Healionics is a clinical-stage company addressing the critical need for safer, more reliable means of bloodstream access to perform dialysis in patients with kidney failure.  Our STARgraft vascular graft (synthetic blood vessel) is designed to resist the problems of infection and occlusion suffered by current devices.  We also have an exciting product pipeline based on our platform STAR® biomaterial, which has a unique ability to prevent two serious problems that affect all implantable devices:  scarring and infection.  The company is currently conducting human studies of STARgraft and has 33 patents issued or pending.

Our Seattle location has facilitated strong connections and collaboration with several organizations that have pioneered the life-saving devices and clinical innovations needed to treat kidney failure with dialysis.  These include University of Washington (where the first device for long-term blood access and early dialysis machines were invented), Northwest Kidney Centers (the world’s first outpatient dialysis center), Kidney Research Institute, and Center for Dialysis Innovation.

Healionics was recently honored to receive the Angel Capital Association’s 2022 Villalobos Award which recognizes “the most ingenious and innovative” life science company recently financed by ACA members.



Healionics was also recognized as a Top MedTech Startup in the 2021 Medtech Innovator Showcase competition.